LLYC Venturing joins the Spain Entrepreneurial Nation Alliance

9 September 2022

LLYC Venturing, the corporate venture initiative led by LLYC to invest in early-stage technology-based communications startups has joined the Spain Entrepreneurial Nation Alliance. The strategy, promoted by the Spanish Government, is a firm commitment to innovation as a transforming element of the economy and society as a whole.

Specifically, the Spain Entrepreneurial Nation Strategy proposes 50 measures with a long-term vision to transform the productive bases of the Spanish economy. The goal is to make Spain an entrepreneurial nation by 2030 through innovative entrepreneurship, relying on ten sectors that drive the country’s economy and applying policies that reduce gender, territorial, socioeconomic and generational gaps so that economic development is inclusive. To achieve this, the four goals are: to accelerate the maturation of investment in Spain; attract, develop and retain talent; promote scalability and articulate an entrepreneurial public sector.

For Marta Guisasola, CEO of LLYC Venturing: “The Spain Entrepreneurial Nation Alliance is aligned with our vision of empowering innovative entrepreneurship. LLYC Venturing joins the Strategy as an allied entity with the firm purpose of joining forces and continuing to work to support startups with high growth potential. We want to favor innovative entrepreneurship, as an engine of economic development and that, in turn, results in a business fabric based on technology.”

LLYC Venturing plans to allocate up to a maximum of 5 million euros in 20 projects over the next 4 years, between 50,000 and 500,000 euros in each of them.

The companies in which LLYC Venturing wants to invest are focused on the following sectors: software for digital marketing, artificial intelligence focused on communication and marketing, blockchain firms that allow to transform communication, IoT (Internet of Things) that improve human/machine communication and virtual reality companies that help improve immersive experiences.

Last June LLYC Venturing made its first investment in Erudit, a Spanish startup with a presence in the United States that has developed a technology that allows to improve, through Artificial Intelligence and NLP, the talent management of companies and the potential of their teams with machine learning models focused on studying workers’ personalities, their mental health and the work environment.



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