LLYC Foundation heavily involved in education and fight against pandemic

14 June 2021

The LLYC Foundation – a project by the global communication consultancy firm and its employees, supported 28 different social institutions last year through 12 programs and five initiatives that benefitted more than 340 people. The countries it operates in – Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, Mexico, Peru, Panama, Portugal, the Dominican Republic and the United States – involved a total of 208 volunteers from the firm, who dedicated 1,326 hours of their time, in addition to their working day, to carry out these activities. This is contained in the 2020 Annual Report, which has just been presented, for the fourth straight year, in digital format on its Instagram platform.

The fight against the pandemic has been one of the main pillars marking the activity of the Foundation. This has taken place through five projects. One of the major projects was Covid Robots – a supportive initiative pushed through by professionals in different areas in which volunteers from the firm were able to take part, coordinated in an action that pooled scientific talent with contributions from several companies and the collaboration of public bodies. The result was to provide 17 hospitals and reference centers in Spain with 185 robotic stations for the automation of tasks in processing PCR samples, managing to exponentially multiply the performance of these tests, and hence the detection of the disease. This was selected as project of the year by Nit Robòtica de Enginyeria. Furthermore, programs of the magnitude of DAVID19 were supported, along with LACChain, which received recognition at the Stevie Awards; Todo Saldrá Bien [Everything will be alright], in collaboration with the Hazloposible Foundation; #DosisdeHumanidad – a campaign to raise awareness, alongside Médicos Sin Fronteras México [Doctors without Borders Mexico], and the Supportive Protection Network – an initiative to manufacture protective screens for healthcare workers in Brazil.

Aside from the projects tied into minimizing the impact of the pandemic, the LLYC Foundation – in line with its commitments to SDG4 “Quality Education” – firmed up alliances with different foundations such as EXIT – to develop the E3 Challenge. This is an agreement between companies committed to reducing the early school drop-out rate and to enhancing the employability of young people in vulnerable situations.

In addition, it pushed through – together with Instituto de Empresa – the initiative #StoryTellingForSocialImpact, which allowed six NGOs and foundations to improve their communication thanks to help from students of the Visual and Digital Media Master’s Degree. Another project developed was CAPTA, on the training of women at risk of social exclusion. The commitment to lasting education by the Foundation in 2021 involves the second edition of the global project Future Voices, in which volunteers from the LLYC offices around the world locally help young people at risk of social exclusion to improve their soft skills techniques.

Over the course of 2020, the Foundation, through its social channels, contributed to enhancing the visibility of various external social initiatives including #TeléfonoStopSoledad, #Yomequedoencasa, #Valeparaleer, #DíaMundialdelAutismo, #DíaMundialAsistenciaHumanitaria, #InternationalYouthDay. In addition, through specific actions, it supported different ‘world days’, like the International Day of People with Functional Diversity, alongside the Pegasus Foundation, and set up, together with all the volunteers, such initiatives as #LLYCsemueveporladiabetes – a health challenge to enhance the visibility of the importance of living a healthy life. As the final touch in 2020, the volunteers at the LLYC Foundation collaborated in different campaigns to donate toys, school books and food, alongside such institutions as Soñar Despierto in Madrid and Barcelona, Dreams Panamá in Panama, the Pocalana Foundation in Bogota, Lar da Criança Ninho de Paz and Casa Lar Maria Paola in Brazil, Corporación de Amigos HRR in Chile and VilacomVida in Portugal.

Thanks to their activity, the LLYC Foundation also collaborates with SDG5 “Gender Equality”, SDG3 “Health and Well-being” and SDG1 “End to Poverty”, to which end it works in association with such causes as education, health and poverty, attending to such priority groups as young people and women at risk of social exclusion.

José Antonio Llorente, Chairman of the LLYC Foundation, highlighted the joint work. “During 2020, we contributed to fight the effects of the pandemic, thanks to the talent and work of our volunteers in all those countries where we have a presence. We continue to grow and are very proud that our professionals wish to devote their time and knowledge to the Foundation’s projects. Thanks to all those who make the LLYC Foundation possible”.

According to Cristina Ysasi-Ysasmendi, Corporate Manager at LLYC, “the work of the Foundation is a reflection of the firm’s social action and an example of the commitment of all our employees. In a particularly complicated year, we have stepped up our efforts to push through projects at a global level to benefit those most in need. In 2021, we will continue to work in that same direction”.

The LLYC Foundation, set up in 2016, is present in 12 countries and at the firm’s 16 offices. This global vision allows it to adapt to the different local realities and generate an impact at an international level. It is also one of the few foundations in the sector that develops its activity exclusively thanks to the goodwill of its employees, who place their expertise, time and interest at the service of the foundation to generate a positive impact and help other institutions and NGOs around the world, which have limited resources, to develop their projects and initiatives.

Thanks to its activity, the LLYC Foundation contributes to SDG4 “Quality Education”, SDG5 “Gender Equality”, SDG3 “Health and Well-being” and SDG1 “End to Poverty”.



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