Fun is Hype, the latest from NXT in MKT

15 December 2022

The International Consumer Engagement team tackles a fresh topic this month: Fun is Hype. The focus point explores how marketing can also embrace humor, joy and even light-heartedness, drawing on real-world examples from leading global brands and industry marketers.

This month’s podcast will feature David González Natal, Partner and Managing Director of the Northern Region, and Guillermo Lecumberri, Consumer Engagement Director, together with Filomena Spranger Jorge, Head of Marketing at Media Markt and Susana Gimeno Munuera, Brand and Advertising Director at Línea Directa Aseguradora, discussing how advertising and marketing can also be fun. It is becoming increasingly more complicated to reach consumers and get them hooked on a brand, so brands are compelled to create more disruptive, lively and fresh content to connect, attract and draw smiles from their consumers. Together with Catalina Aguedo, Lifestyle and Consumer Engagement Area Manager at LLYC, we are reminded of how much we love stories capable of rousing a laugh or reminding us, through clever humor, of all the marvelous contradictions of being human.

Lina Lopera, Country Manager TOUS Mexico, centers her chat on how Tous seeks to evolve, betting on the main essence of the brand: self-expression and creativity, and thus remain one of the brands that are engraved in the consumer’s mind.

This trend also features an article by Priscilla Ferreira Naglieri, Head of PR Brazil & IR and Corp Development Comms LATAM, where she reflects on how in a global scenario of crisis, mistrust and geopolitical tensions, brands must be able to include creativity, authenticity and fun in their advertising, yet observe the seriousness of the moment while maintaining a politically correct tone.

Marina Peña Caballero, Marketing Director at Santander España, explains how Santander’s advertising campaigns such as “Porque tú, porque te” (Because you, because of you) talk about what the customer wants and Santander’s role in achieving that in a disruptive way, one that provokes a smile and reduces the anxiety generated by the relationship with finances, thus increasing the feeling of wellbeing and security.

We will also hear from Marlene Gaspar, Senior Consumer Engagement and Digital Director at LLYC Lisbon, on how brands can capture consumer attention and make themselves memorable through teamwork, efficiency, differentiation and brand personalization.

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