Mariano Vila y Luis González new Talent Acquisiton Leaders at LLYC

15 September 2022

LLYC has taken a step forward in talent management by creating the Talent Acquisition Leader, who will be in charge of attracting top-tier profiles to the firm and accelerating the career development of its professional team. Two executives with extensive experience and a deep knowledge of the consulting firm will take the helm for this new position: Mariano Vila in the Americas and Luis González in Europe. Both will report to Luis Miguel Peña, Chief Talent Officer, and also work in coordination with the three Business Partners of the businesses: Aída Benzo (Europe), Marina Asensio (DDB) and Laureana Navarro (Americas). 

These new Talent Acquisition Leaders will tackle three specific challenges in their new roles:

– Relevant incorporations: they will work to identify, attract and acquire top-level profiles in the multiple disciplines required for our growth (communication, marketing, public affairs, creativity, data analysis, etc.) and in LLYC’s current and potential markets. 

– Development of senior professionals: situation analysis, opportunities and the orientation of the best senior talent of the company towards the business challenges that enhance their professional growth. 

– Challengers Program monitoring: attention to the careers of entry-level professionals, which is expected to be accelerated as part of the initiatives of this Program.

LLYC currently employs nearly1,200 professionals in the 12 countries where it operates. It has grown by almost 40% in the last year thanks to its growth plan, which has included the acquisition of two companies in Spain (Apache Digital and CHINA) and another in Mexico (BESO).

“Assigning two top executives, who have been key to the firm’s business, to the Talent area is proof of the importance we give to this current challenge, which all companies face. This move is an investment in the future because enhancing our ability to attract and develop the best talent is a guarantee of success and a necessity for our future growth”, points out Luis Miguel Peña regarding these appointments. 

In the words of Mariano Vila: “Leaving the business to start a new challenge says a lot about this company. We are now almost 1,200 LLYCERS, and we want to be even more. However, we are facing a world and a business sector that is increasingly demanding more and better talent. We must work on our competitiveness in order to attract new talent, as diverse and recognized as possible; but also work in tune with the LLYCERS who are already with us to provide them with as many resources and expertise as possible in order to develop their own careers within the firm”. 

Mariano Vila is Partner. He joined the company in 2016 as Senior Director of Public Affairs, later taking charge of the Argentina operation. As Managing Director of Buenos Aires, he led a process of continued growth from 2017 to 2020 and consolidation of the operation that continues to this day. In 2020 he was appointed partner and in 2021 promoted to Managing Director of the Southern Region, collaborating at the beginning of that period also in the development of the new business in the operations of Panama and the Dominican Republic. 

Luis González adds that “contributing to continue attracting and developing the best professionals in the market, while maintaining the values, philosophy and our conviction that people are the most important thing for our business, and our clients, will undoubtedly be an exciting and demanding challenge”.

Luis González is a Senior Director at the Madrid Office. He has been with LLYC for 17 years, during which time he has successfully led the development of specialty areas such as Restructuring, Talent Engagement, Litigation and Crisis, together with his 20-person team. He has contributed to the international development of the firm in the offices of Portugal (2012) and Santiago de Chile, (2014-2017). He also led the development and loyalty campaigns for the Coca-Cola account in Spain as Key Account Manager.




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