LLYC opens technical office to manage agri-food PERTE projects

16 March 2022

The Next Generation EU unit at LLYC, run by Paloma Baena, has set up an office specialized in the management of agri-food projects – the NextGen Agro projects office – to cover sectoral PERTEs approved by the government last month, which will include a public investment of 1 billion euros until 2023. The government expects the measure to generate an initial economic impact of 3 billion euros and the net creation of as many as 16,000 jobs.

LLYC will help train groups of companies and advise on project design to opt to receive funding. In line with the aims of the PERTE, these initiatives will seek to improve the competitiveness of the Spanish agri-food sector, increase their sustainability and drive the traceability of the value chain. They must focus on strengthening the industry, digitalization and support for R&D+i. If finally approved, the office will be responsible for coordinating this investment among the companies and ensuring their correct implementation and supervision.

Fernando Moraleda, the former Secretary-General for Agriculture is the Office Director of the NextGen Agro projects at LLYC, which has an interdisciplinary team of the firm’s specialists in the food and consumer affairs sector, along with unit experts in European funds. It also has the backing of an ecosystem of specialized collaborators in innovation, technology, engineering and legal and business advice, including Telefónica España, Acciona and Gómez Acebo & Pombo that are already participating in some of the projects under way. Other companies that are leaders in their respective sectors will also sign up to the initiative according to the needs of the projects.

In short, LLYC, through its Next Generation EU unit, offers a comprehensive consultancy service for the design, rounds of proposals, management, investment and audit of projects in the agri-food sector, taking into account all of the needs in their different phases.

For Fernando Moraleda “the final impact of the agri-food PERTE will depend on the creation of quality projects with partners committed to heading up the transformation of this critical sector for the Spanish economy”:

“Our aim is to help build these projects, guide them and accompany them from their origin to final implementation, prioritizing their viability and knock-on capacity on the economy”, stresses Paloma Baena, Senior Director of the Next Generation EU unit at LLYC.

Fernando Moraleda is a Senior Advisor at LLYC. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Sciences from the Complutense University of Madrid, and is an expert in biochemistry and the agri-food industry. He was the Secretary-General for Agriculture (2004-2005) and State Secretary for Communication (2005-2008). He was also the Spokesperson for Agriculture of the Socialist Parliamentary Group (2008-2011). He currently develops his consultancy experience in human resources and labor relations, the agri-food industry, climate change and compliance. 

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