LLYC Board of Directors approves dividend of 0.132 euros per share

27 April 2022

The Ordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting of LLYC has approved, by a large majority, all of the points on the agenda. These include the approval of the annual accounts for financial year 2021, the distribution of an extraordinary dividend and the firm’s first stock option plan. The event took place on Wednesday at the consultancy firm’s headquarters in Madrid, with the presence or representation of holders of 10,393,047 million shares, amounting to 89.29% of the share capital.

The extraordinary dividend approved, of 0.132 euros per share, is charged to the share premium reserve, with a total pay-out of close to 1.5 million gross euros. This will be paid out on July 15 this year. As regards the stock option plan, this will benefit a select group of almost 50 of the firm’s executives, who will jointly be entitled to receive up to 3% of the shares in LLYC S.A., at the initial flotation price provided that certain requirements are complied with at December 31, 2024. The plan, which the six leading shareholders are excluded from, seeks to recognize the contribution of these professionals to the positive results and the long-term growth of the firm.

The Founding Partner and Chairman of LLYC, José Antonio Llorente, highlighted that “The holding of the first General Shareholders’ Meeting of LLYC is a new milestone for our company following its flotation on the stock exchange in July last year. We have approved the accounts for the financial year 2021 – a year marked by excellent results with growth in income of 44% compared with the previous year and with a clear commitment to technology, with the consolidation of the Deep Digital Business department which accounted for 22% of our income. This was a year full of challenges; let’s just hope there are more years like this one”.

“We want to share the good results from 2021 with our shareholders, to which end we have approved a dividend to be distributed without affecting our ambitious growth plan. It makes good sense to recognize the confidence of investors. We also want to reward the work of our professionals through the first stock option plan, which a group of 47 professionals will benefit from through the achievement of certain targets set. This is a plan to incentivize the firm’s middle management”, he added.

José Antonio Llorente ended his speech by thanking the Board of Directors of LLYC for its work, along with the firm’s professionals, clients, investors and collaborators.

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