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Ya está disponible el nuevo episodio de «Foco América», el podcast impulsado por LLYC sobre la actualidad latina y mundial, que se puede escuchar en Spotify, Apple Podcast y el resto de plataformas de audio.

Bajo el título “Perú, en busca de la estabilidad” se analiza qué está sucediendo en este país andino y los motivos que explican el continuo cambio político. Ha tenido cinco presidentes desde 2016 y en tres décadas hasta seis mandatarios han terminado en la cárcel por corrupción.

Conducido por Joaquín Vizmanos, director de Relaciones Informativas en LLYC, este episodio cuenta con la participación de Paola Fune, Directora Senior de Asuntos Públicos en LLYC Perú.

Además, junto a los colaboradores habituales, los profesores Carlos Malamud y Pedro Rodríguez, intervienen en este capítulo dos periodistas peruanos: Marco Sifuentes, que escribe en el diario La República y dirige desde Madrid el podcast La Encerrona y Renato Cisneros, presentador de televisión y radio. Ambos examinan los primeros pasos del actual gobierno de Pedro Castillo.

LLYC, con el objetivo de generar conversación en redes sociales sobre la actualidad de América, está empleando el hashtag #FocoAméricaLLYC.

🎧 «Foco América» en Spotify
🎧 «Foco América» en Apple Podcast

Adrián Chinchilla joins LLYC as the new Executive Director of Creative Studio – the firm’s department engaged in the creation and implementation of brand strategies, branded content solutions and the development of graphic and audio-visual narrative.

Adrián is an expert in designing innovative communication strategies and in the creation and production of integrated content campaigns, aimed at boosting brand value, at enhancing their reputation and at connecting their purpose and values with their stakeholders. He has extensive experience as Production and Content Director at such companies as MediaCom, Havas and McCann, where he has headed up content creation and production projects and audio-visual, experimental, graphic and digital campaigns. Over the course of his career, he has taken part in the production of various films and documentaries, television formats and more than 300 advertising and brand content campaigns, which have been recognized at such international advertising festivals as Cannes Lions, El Sol, Premios a la Eficacia and El Ojo de Iberoamérica, among others. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Audio-visual Communication from Universidad Europea de Madrid and a Master’s Degree in the Management of Audio-visual Companies from Instituto de Empresa.

“By hiring Adrián Chinchilla, we continue to incorporate talent. His profile is ideal to continue boosting a fundamental area for our business strategy and to continue helping our clients create and develop connected and expressive brands. Branded content and the development of audio-visual, graphic and brand narratives are growing in demand”, stresses Jorge López Zafra, Managing Director of LLYC Madrid.

Adrián Chinchilla states, “I am very excited by the team at LLYC, where we will strive to help brands take the best strategic decisions to enhance their prestige and their businesses, contributing all the creativity, innovation and experience I have accumulated in my 20-year professional career to the benefit of brands and at the service of communication and advertising”.

Adrián takes on the position from Ana Folgueira, who, after a successful period at the head of Creative Studio, will now undertake a new professional era in which she will combine the development of business communication projects with her role as a scriptwriter and audio-visual producer. She will remain at LLYC as a Senior Advisor. “The path Ana has chosen over the last seven years at LLYC has been fundamental for the development of a great team made up of professionals in branding and the development of audio-visual content and to generate an offer that integrates strategy, narrative and design throughout the creative process”, stresses López Zafra.

In a new step in its consolidation in the strategic communication consultancy firm market, LLYC Argentina has hired María Eugenia Vargas as the new Managing Director of the Buenos Aires office.

Vargas has more than 20 years of experience in the world of consultancy, heading up corporate and health communication projects, PR branding, crisis management and public affairs. She has also worked in Spain at different local agencies and at the start of her professional career, she worked as a press adviser for the two chambers of the Congress of the Nation.

Before joining LLYC, she was the Associate Director at Ketchum, where she also headed up the agency’s health practice, and was the Managing Director of JeffreyGroup Argentina.

In the words of Mariano Vila, Partner and Managing Director of the Southern Region, “the incorporation of María Eugenia reinforces our intention of taking on-board experienced talent in the sector with a complete knowledge of the market and of new solutions that we are developing for our clients at a time of intense growth for the firm. She joins a great team that in recent years had posted growth levels of more than 70%”.

According to Juan Carlos Gozzer, Partner and COO for Latin America, “the arrival of Maria Eugenia allows us to continue taking on-board senior talent for our project, with a broad vision of consultancy to respond in the best way to the challenges facing our clients in Argentina and Latin America“.

For Maria Eugenia Vargas, “I am very excited and pleased to join LLYC; this is a great professional challenge that responds to my passion for communication, and which I taken on with high expectations. I have come to bring my professional experience in the world of consultancy with a view to contributing to the development of the business and the talent of the operation in Argentina. My aim is to add value, new solutions and services that extend the offer at a time of great growth for the local office”.

LLYC is the leading communication and public affairs communication consultancy firm in Spain and Latin America. It is currently undertaking an ambitious Strategic Plan that seeks to double its size over the next four years. In 2021, it has undertaken three corporate operations to boost the two main drivers of the business – technology and creativity. In Spain, it has acquired the digital marketing consultancy firm Apache and the creative agency CHINA. In Mexico, it has acquired the predictive data agency BESO, with interests in Argentina. LLYC has been listed on the Spanish stock market since late July.

LLYC continues to carve out successes at the main national and international events. The firm has just won four more awards, two at the Ibero-American Advertising Festival (FIAP) and another two at Inspirational 2021, which held their award ceremonies on Thursday. Specifically, the campaign “Invisible Soledad” for the BBK Foundation won two silver awards at FIAP, in the categories of Innovation in PR and Innovation in Outdoor/Public Streets/Ambient. Meanwhile, at Inspirational, the campaign “La cuna con pantallas [Screen Pollution]” for Multiópticas won a silver award in the category of People Corporate Social Responsibility. “The last straw” for McDonald’s won a bronze award in the category of Planet Corporate Social Commitment. Following these new awards, LLYC has now received 109 recognitions in the year to date.

The Inspirational Awards recognize campaigns, projects and companies that the jury considers as the most inspirational in the communication and advertising sector in digital environments. In other words, whose contribution, in terms of creativity, innovation, effectiveness and notoriety serve as a benchmark for agencies, advertisers and the sector in general.

In turn, the Ibero-American Advertising Festival (FIAP) has been held for the last 50 years and seeks to boost creativity in all advertising formats in Ibero-America, taking into account excellence and innovation in the projects presented.

The award-winning campaigns

Invisible Soledad” is to date the most successful LLYC project, and has won 54 awards. This campaign for the BBK Foundation, created by the Consumer Engagement team, seeks to show this foundation’s social contribution. The proposal seeks to draw attention to the loneliness suffered by many people over the age of 65. To start the debate, a hyper-realistic sculpture was installed in one of the most frequently used areas of Bilbao in memory of Mercedes, “the last person to die alone”. The project generated a great deal of media attention, even more so when the media presented Mercedes, the woman who inspired this action, which enhanced the visibility, in real life, of this problem.

The project “La cuna con pantallas [Screen Pollution]” for Multiópticas seeks to raise awareness and generate social debate on the responsible use of screens. To achieve this, a fake company was set up that sold a cradle, a high chair and a see-saw with screens incorporated. A series of actions with mother and father influencers created a huge wave of indignation. It was then revealed that the company did not exist and this negative chatter turned into media impacts, and enhanced the brand reputation and sale of products related to eye health and screens. This action, which has now won 8 awards, was developed by the Consumer Engagement teams and Creative Studio at LLYC.

The last straw” is a project for McDonald’s created by the Consumer Engagement team in Madrid and developed with the support of the Public Affairs, Creative Studio and Corporate Communication departments at LLYC. Plastic straws, converted into a negative symbol of climate change, were going to disappear from the company’s establishments. To enhance its notoriety, and as part of its sustainability strategy, an historic, artistic and valuable symbol was created – the auctioning off of the last straw. The action went viral, with a final bid in excess of 50,000 euros, which went to a charitable cause. The campaign has already won 11 awards, including at Eficacia 2020 and the Stevie Awards 2021.

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El periodista Ramón González Férriz se ha incorporado a la firma como Consejero Editorial, donde trabajará mano a mano con el equipo de Cristina Ysasi-Ysasmendi y Julia Montoro en la Dirección General Corporativa.

Su rol consistirá en aportar su experiencia y buen criterio a la amplia producción de conocimiento de la firma. Desde LLYC lanzamos numerosas publicaciones a través de canales muy diversos que han ido creciendo en variedad y contenido: IDEAS LLYC, blogs, libros, revista UNO, podcast o informes LLYC. Ramón colaborará con el equipo para orientar los contenidos de cada canal, los temas de actualidad y de negocio que abordar, el calendario editorial y el enfoque y estilo de cada producto, con el fin de impulsar el posicionamiento de nuestras publicaciones como elemento central de análisis y tendencias. En palabras de nuestro nuevo asesor, la clave está en “intentar conjugar el conocimiento profundo de la gente que trabaja en la compañía con lo que la actualidad nos pone delante a nosotros, a la sociedad en general y a los clientes​”.

Ramón escribe sobre cultura y política en El Confidencial, es editor asociado de la revista Política Exterior y dirige el podcast “El futuro de las ideas” en el Center for Economic Policy de Esade. Sus últimos libros publicados son “La ruptura. El fracaso de una (re)generación” y “La trampa del optimismo. Cómo los años noventa explican el mundo actual” (ambos en Penguin Random House). Anteriormente fue el responsable de la edición española de la revista “Letras Libres” y director del semanario “Ahora”.

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LLYC y CHINA vamos a hacer muchas cosas juntos. Aún no sabemos cómo serán. Y eso es lo mejor de todo“. Con este sencillo pero directo mensaje, que celebra la curiosidad como motor creativo y la importancia de las preguntas sin respuesta para diseñar y crear los proyectos, LLYC y CHINA han querido saludar al mercado en la que es su primera campaña conjunta en España.

Con este proyecto “A los curiosos nos gustan los curiosos“, tanto LLYC como CHINA invitan y retan a todos los profesionales del sector, tanto desde el lado de las agencias como de las marcas, a conversar, a discutir, a hacernos más preguntas. La campaña se compone de una pieza print que aparecerá en varias publicaciones impresas del sector en España y de un plan digital en el que se ha buscado extender la conversación. Para ello, LLYC y CHINA han preguntado a profesionales de marcas, agencias y medios cuáles son esas preguntas (sin respuesta) que les motivan a hacer lo que hacen. Inspirados en sus pensamientos se ha creado una serie de piezas que se pueden consultar y compartir en

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La creatividad e innovación de la firma han sido reconocidas en la nueva edición de los Premios Genio 2021, certamen que distingue las ideas más innovadoras en el sector de la comunicación y el marketing.

El proyecto “Invisible Soledad“, desarrollado por el equipo de Consumer Engagement para BBK, ha resultado ganador en dos categorías: Innovación Medio Exterior y Campañas de Impacto Social.

Además, el proyecto “Ropa Vieja“, desarrollado por la agencia CHINA para Adolfo Domínguez, se ha alzado con el Gran Premio a la innovación en marketing, comunicación y uso de los medios, y con el premio en la categoría Innovación en Activación y Experiencia de Marca. La campaña tiene el objetivo de reforzar el compromiso de la firma con un nuevo modelo de consumo que pone en valor la durabilidad de la ropa.

Los ganadores han sido desvelados en la ceremonia presencial que ha tenido lugar el jueves 30 de septiembre en Valladolid, a la cual han asistido Luisa García, Socia y CEO Europa, y David González Natal, Socio y Director Senior Engagement, donde han recogido los premios de “Invisible Soledad“. Por su parte, Patricia Alonso, Directora de marketing de Adolfo Domínguez, y Belén Sánchez, Project manager de CHINA, han representado el proyecto “Ropa Vieja“.

Celebrados desde hace 14 años, los Premios Genio son convocados por el grupo de comunicación CMVocento, junto a la asesoría estratégica de Scopen. Cada año se premia a los actores de la industria: anunciantes, agencias de publicidad, de medios y consultoras, cuyos trabajos apuestan por resolver problemas de manera creativa, con ideas innovadoras y creando servicios relevantes para la sociedad.

LLYC suma nuevas shortlist

Estos reconocimientos se suman a los más de 107 premios recibidos por LLYC a lo largo del año 2021. Por su parte, el proyecto “Invisible Soledad” ha recibido un total de 52 premios nacionales e internacionales.

Además de estos reconocimientos, LLYC está a la espera del resultado en otros certámenes donde sus proyectos figuran como shortlist en distintas categorías.

En los Premios Inspirational 2021, LLYC acumula tres listas cortas con “La última pajita” para McDonald’s, en la categoría compromiso social corporativo planet, y con el proyecto “La cuna con pantallas (Screen Pollution)” para Multiópticas, en las categorías campañas digitales y responsabilidad social corporativa people.

Mientras, en el Festival Iberoamericano de la Creatividad (FIAP) 2021 sumamos un total de tres shortlist: con “Invisible Soledad” para BBK en las categorías Innovación en PR y en Innovación en Outdoor/Vía pública/Ambient, y con el proyecto “La cuna con pantallas (Screen Pollution)” para Multiópticas, como finalista en la categoría Innovación en Redes Sociales.

Ambos certámenes desvelarán los ganadores el próximo 7 de octubre en sus respectivas ceremonias.

LLYC’s operations in Mexico, Panama and Ecuador have won awards at the Latin American SABRE Awards 2021 held this week. These awards recognize the best communication campaigns in Latin America through the highest levels of strategic planning, creativity and business results. Specifically, “Los Cabos with care” for Los Cabos Tourism Board (LLYC Mexico), “Juntos somos Héroes” [Together we are Heroes] for Digicel (LLYC Panama) and “Ponte en mi piel” [Place yourself in my shoes] for Jabón Duet (LLYC Ecuador and McCann) won awards. Since these awards began, the firm has accumulated a total of 17 Latin American SABRE awards, granted by the prestigious publication PRovoke.

Alejandro Romero, Partner and CEO for the Americas said, “We are very proud to have won these awards. The focus on achieving business results and the challenges facing our clients are our watchword, and this recognition shows this constant focus. We are highly motivated to continue proving that in the Spanish-Portuguese speaking world, works are carried out at a global level”.

Following these new awards, LLYC has now won 105 awards and recognitions at national and international events so far this year.

The winning campaigns

Maintaining the reputation of the tourism destination and adapting the travel experience to the new needs and protocols following the outbreak of COVID-19 was the challenge facing the “Los Cabos with care” project, prepared by the LLYC Mexico office for Los Cabos Tourism Board, which won the award in the category of Crisis/Issues Management. The work provided for a series of actions, including obtaining various stamps and certifications and the creation of a Health Committee, as well as a re-opening plan in five phases, boosted by three promotion campaigns and a caring communication and public relations strategy. This all made it possible for Los Cabos to receive pre-pandemic levels of inbound tourists in June 2021, and it even received 65,500 more visitors than in June 2019 (an increase of 20.6%).

The project “Juntos somos héroes” [Together we are Heroes] was also framed against the backdrop of COVID-19 – a proposal developed by the LLYC Panama office for the telecommunications company Digicel, which won an award in the category of Central America. This multi-platform campaign won the award for its creativity and connection with brand activism at the worst point of the virus. On the one hand, it incentivized its customers to activate an unlimited data plan through which the company donated resources for the purchase of medical material. It also enhanced the visibility of the work of the organization “Héroes de Blanco” [Heroes in White], which coordinated this help with the medical directors of each hospital to attend to the exact needs of each center and help save lives during the pandemic.

For its part, and with the aim of enhancing the visibility of all types of gender-based violence, the campaign “#PonteEnMiPiel” [Place yourself in my shoes], prepared by the LLYC Ecuador operation, together with McCann for Jabón Duet, won an award in the category of Corporate Social Responsibility. This project seeks to denounce all forms of gender-based violence that women are exposed to, and calls on all men to place themselves in the position of women and react to these actions, ranging from small acts of male chauvinism to feminicide.