BME Growth
17 January 2022

LLYC launches Executive – its management training unit

Half of all employees will need to be retrained by 2030, which will mean some six months of study on average, according to the World Economic Forum. Another international survey claims that 80% of company steering committees must improve...
11 January 2022

Silvia Bajo joins LLYC as Senior Advisor

LLYC has hired Silvia Bajo as a Senior Advisor in Spain. She will work closely with the firm’s Engagement Department on forging differentiating narratives for companies. She is one of the most widely recognized experts in brand communication in...
14 December 2021

Iñaki Ortega will run new Executive Training Department at LLYC

Iñaki Ortega joins LLYC to head up the creation and development of the Executive Training Department – a new department for the firm that seeks to upskill and reskill executives in communication, leadership, technology and innovation, which are decisive...
25 October 2021

Most companies are still far from digital transformation

The pandemic has sped up the digitalization process of companies. However, most (56.2%) are still at the initial stage of their transformation. Only 10.8% have reached the most advanced stage of development, according to the first Deep Digital Journey...
19 October 2021

Adrián Chinchilla, Executive Director of Creative Studio at LLYC

Adrián Chinchilla joins LLYC as the new Executive Director of Creative Studio – the firm’s department engaged in the creation and implementation of brand strategies, branded content solutions and the development of graphic and audio-visual narrative. Adrián is an...
29 September 2021

How to boost the creativity of businesses?

Creativity has clearly enhanced its role over the last year. Its importance has particularly grown in the disciplines of digital communication and influence marketing, and it has a high impact on the income model and in business processes. Teamwork,...