BME Growth
15 March 2023

LLYC launches a Circular Economy office

LLYC’s Public Affairs area is launching a Circular Economy office to advise companies and organizations looking for an in-depth understanding of the new regulatory context, in addition to designing public affairs, institutional relations and advocacy strategies focused on projects...
16 February 2023

Democracy or Populism? 2023 Trends in Public Affairs

One of the main changes we are seeing is that lobbying, understood as that “legitimate act of public participation” referred to by the OECD, is becoming not just one more, but the main agent transforming a country’s public and...
14 October 2022

LLYC launches European Affairs

In the wake of a successful launch of the Next Generation EU Unit, LLYC is now committed to expanding its European services with the launch of European Affairs. As part of the firm’s Public Affairs area, this new department...